Fish and shellfish are highly perishable foods, ie altered quickly and easily unless recourse to appropriate conservation treatments . One of the more useful is the cooling . This keeps the commercial quality of food for a variable period of time . The time that is immaculately maintained depends on the species , the method of capture and manipulation , which provided that temperatures between 0 and 4 ° C are applied from the moment of capture and this must hold for all distribution stages until it reaches the consumer. On ships and outlets , cooling is done with plenty of ice . This ice , which is made with seawater , can reach temperatures somewhat below 0 ° C without reaching frozen fish , which favors a longer preservation. However, fishing vessels , cooling tank with seawater at -1.5 ° C may impair some species and cause them to lose color and scale , in addition to increasing its salinity.
Shelf life
Small fish and high-fat break down before the larger and less fat. Sardines and anchovies are preserved only between 3 and 6 days, while hake and cod maintain their optimal conditions for two or three weeks. Other large species such as swordfish reach 24 days.
Home Advice
Following the purchase should clean, wash and gutting the fish before introducing it in the refrigerator. We suggest also removing the scales and head. The fish should be stored in the coldest part , at a temperature between 2 and 4 ° C. Fish should be introduced in a covered container or cover with kitchen paper . This is to avoid disturbance of the fish by contact with atmospheric oxygen ( rancidity , loss of water) , not to pass the smell throughout the refrigerator and prevent bacterial contamination to other foods. To consume in good condition should not be kept in the refrigerator more than 2 days.


Each food and depending on how we’re going to cook it, has its own process of thawing.
If you cook steamed or boiled frozen can be used directly, but if you do have to thaw in the fridge on a rack without container for thawing juices remain apart.
Raw Seafood
To boil or steam do not need defrosting. To cook grilled or fried owe thawing by immersing in cold water for a few minutes before cooking.
Seafood Stew
Stew on a tray with grating at room temperature or in the refrigerator or frozen pass it through steam directly to acquire a comfortable temperature.

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